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The services I offer exhibit a fine balance between technical and business capabilities. From financial modeling to product roadmap building, and AI/ML models to investment due diligence, I support early-stage firms and investors in making strategic decisions. A customized project can be delivered with a multi-disciplinary approach grounded on my engineering work ethic and commercial experience across industry and academia.


I have worked on and/or led a variety of projects across 4 continents in more than 10 countries since 2018. Whether working as a systems engineering consultant at futuristic cities like NEOM or institutions such as NASA, or evaluating mobility startups across the US and EMEA for UP.Partners, I have built a strong prowess of project delivery in future mobility and aerospace.


My portfolio covers startups and venture capital firms at the intersection of SaaS, mobility, engineering, early-stage investment, data science, and advanced air mobility. I have considerable experience working with public entities such as NCDOT and EANS, and with leading businesses such as Bell Flight and AirMap. While I have the most experience aiding early-stage ventures, I have supported corporate firms looking to enter specific future mobility segments.

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Urban Air Mobility. Data Science. SaaS in Future Mobility. Innovation. Aerospace.

These are some of the things that our civilization has created that truly and passionately move me. I envision a future where the skies are accessible to all where drones, air taxis, and sustainable new-generation aircraft are as common as calling an Uber or getting in your car. I envision a future where smart decentralized technologies, big data & machine learning, and cyber-secure platforms form the operating system of cities making it easier to live, work, and play. I envision a future where sustainable energy generation & storage, intelligent buildings, and nature-inspired urban planning put us back into the heart of nature and our one-and-only Earth. Our cities should be in a garden, rather than our cities having gardens inside them. I truly believe this merging of technology and nature will come to fruition, demolishing the outlook of dystopian science fiction portraying our future cities as nothing but a conglomeration of metal and robots.

For the past 4 years, I have been working with early-stage ventures, city governments, and states as a strategy consultant to enable this future to take hold. I have wide-ranging experience on projects ranging from aerospace engineering to innovation management, data science to venture capital that spans mobility initiatives both in the air and the ground. My network of industry experts and academics across 4 continents is there when your organization needs it. The future of mobility is exciting. Let's make it happen together.





Will be in touch with supersonic speed!!

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