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I am a future mobility consultant with a diverse set of experiences across drones, air taxis, connected vehicles, and data science. My first true appreciation for technology in mobility arose when I was 11 years old: my first flight with a Cessna 172 aircraft. Experiencing what human ingenuity can do first-hand had made me realize that innovation can genuinely lift our civilization towards the skies, giving us a whole new perspective on where we are and the potential avenues for future exploration.

My professional aspirations about mobility and aviation became more precise during my aerospace engineering studies at Georgia Tech. After graduating, to learn more about how I can make a large impact with my acquired engineering knowledge, I enrolled in Imperial College London for a Masters in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management, gaining the necessary skills to translate a technical innovation into something that everyone would be able to derive value from. My academic experience culminated in working as a consultant for world-leading ventures on projects with well-established, world-renown institutions.

Today, I am transforming this accumulation of knowledge and skill to supporting multiple ventures across various mobility verticals. My vision is a world where aerospace accidents are antiquated, long drives are pleasant experiences for work & play, and each trip we take or good that we move reverses the trend on climate change.



Academic and recreational



BS Aerospace Engineering

Georgia Tech has been an immensely rewarding experience for me. In 2017, my team and I won the AIAA Undergraduate Design Competition among 130 universities by designing a highly versatile business jet that had STOL and rugged terrain capabilities. In addition to my studies, I undertook research centered on Personal Aerial Vehicles (PAV) that had much easier flight control capabilities, i.e. Simplified Vehicle Operations. I often visit Georgia Tech when I am in the US and strive to grow my technical network among the best of the best.



Private Pilot, FAA

Flying is one of my greatest passions in life. During my engineering studies at Georgia Tech, I earned my Private Pilot Licence and accumulated 120 hours in a Cessna 172 aircraft. As part of the leadership team at the Yellow Jacket Flying Club - which is a student-run organization that owns and operates 4 Cessna 172s - I grew the membership and organized industry & flying events to spread the joy of flight. I continue to fly whenever I can, wherever I am.

MITx Certificate.PNG


Verified Online Certificate

Part of MIT's online MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science, I successfully completed a module on machine learning (ML) theory using Python. I built ML and Neural Network algorithms from scratch, giving me the crucial insight around how ML-specific Python libraries work "under-the-hood." From recommendation systems based on a Netflix use case to image recognition using deep learning models, I had a great theoretical overview of data science. I am increasingly applying my Python knowledge in my consulting practice and do play around with mobility datasets in my free time.



MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management

Studying at Imperial has been an eye-opening experience for me. I have met extremely intelligent people from a variety of backgrounds and industry verticals, with whom I acquired the knowledge of transforming an idea into a useable, commercially-viable product. From analyzing an eVTOL OEM and the UAM ecosystem from an innovation management perspective to investigating Boeing's supply chain crisis around the 787 Dreamliner, I enjoyed merging my aerospace engineering background with a business perspective. I am currently a mentor at the business school.

Airbus 4.JPG


Engineering Internship

I have had the amazing opportunity to return back to Singapore after an exchange semester at Nanyang Technological University, for an internship with Airbus's innovation center. As a researcher for the Hangar of the Future project, I explored Lean principles and pinpointed avenues for improvement for seat track maintenance. For my second project, I set up a Git-integrated Network Access Storage system for facilitating collaboration between researchers, project managers, and interns. Working at a large and hugely successful airspace corporation gave me a great perspective on where startups need to eventually evolve in order to be successful sustainably, at a global scale.




During my 2nd semester at Imperial College London, I have co-founded The Aviary Project, a grassroots community for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) based in London. With the specific goal of promoting the UK as a Centre of Excellence for future aerial mobility technologies, my co-founders and I grew an open innovation platform across leading UAM entities in Europe and the US. In November 2018, we successfully organized the first UAM-dedicated event in London, attracting 120 professionals representing 80+ organizations from the UK government, startups, venture capital, and aerospace firms. Among the participants were Joby, Volocopter, Vertical Aerospace, TfL, Roland Berger, and the UK CAA.



Study Abroad, France

For my sophomore year at Georgia Tech, I got admitted to the semester-long study abroad programme at Georgia Tech's France campus in Metz. I had a wonderful time learning French culture & language, traveling around Europe with train, and making lifelong friendships along the way with people from all around the world. As a culture, history, and architecture admirer, GTL has been an invaluable experience for me and continues to provide brilliant alumni resources in and around Europe.



Exchange Semester, Singapore

During my junior year at Georgia Tech, I had the opportunity to study for a semester in Singapore at the Nanyang Technological University. NTU has been consistently ranked in the top 15 universities in the world and in the top 5 in Asia with a strong focus on engineering R&D. Throughout my 4 months there, I interacted with world-leading researchers on aircraft propulsion technology and had the opportunity to travel in Southeast Asia, meeting wonderful people along the way. NTU enabled me to observe technological innovation in Singapore, acting as a springboard for my internship with Airbus Group Innovations, Singapore two years into the future. Additionally, I had the chance to visit aviation museums in the region, giving me a unique perspective of aerospace around the world. 

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